by Lapsed Catholics

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fadingreminder This is simply a magnificent album. It's a little bit Joy Division/New Order, a little bit The Cure, and a lot of heart. Favorite track: Thanatropism.
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Written and recorded January - April 2019.

Cover art by our friend Joan Chung:


released April 19, 2019

Lapsed Catholics are:
Matilde Park (vocals, guitar, bass, keys, drum programming)
Phil Witmer (guitar, bass, keys)

All production and performance by Lapsed Catholics.


all rights reserved



Lapsed Catholics Toronto, Ontario

Love, loss, sexual reassignment, exiled philosopher kings, incestuous corporate structures, other forms of anastrophe.

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Track Name: Macrocosm
Trap the skin from the frame.
That macrocosm again,
it begs you to dance.

Rip the handle from the door,
let your self grow old.
You’re no more, no more.

And what’s left of you,
it doesn’t know what to do.
Animal carcass
It wants to make more of you.

Face yourself to your fate,
now that you’re one with the state:
snuffed out on tape.

Belt your throat out ’til you're sore,
so that good heart pumps,

That’s what you’re meant for

In the shadow of a crucifix.
In reflections from the monitor.
In the spiral of a social graph.
In the words of biographers.
Track Name: Propatiate
And when the master’s hood drops,
and shows his head,
he asks me not to look,
to see the face of God without him.

I prayed to him, I prayed to her,
I asked if I could just touch the rim of its robe.
Well have you ever asked, or ever seen
the bloodied machine of our faith?

Three days until midnight,
for the last time.
I’m afraid.
And he bends down and says,
it’s alright, you taste great.
You’re type A

But the door claws adrift on the spine of itself,
it needs so badly awake.
Why am I crossed, why am I alone,
why can’t I see the day?
See the light of day
Track Name: Thanatropism
Were you falling to your death?
Or were you in a wreck?
Were you hit in traffic
or shot in the chest?
We paint the town red, it’s just business.

And every day I stay up late
Yeah, now I can’t rest
Cause you know a body’s a rusted bed,
filled to the head with blankets of blood shed.

And the holotropic’s almost here,
It’s just anastrophe.
And nothing left that’s not divine,
to be left behind, to be left behind

Well, were you finally striking rich?
And was that you in the ditch?
I know you’ve been searching,
and a whole life can’t be repressed.
Well, now your name’s a vessel for
every man who’s left under arrest

Yeah, you’ve taken a life or two
Does that mean something’s wrong with you?
We have an emergency,
our incestuous company
won’t distract me from memory
Track Name: Black Witch
“Can’t you turn the lights off?
It’s just you and me.”
He reaches borders across,
and colours her shadows back in.

More wind through the orchard.
There’s nothing to eat.
I’ve spun lanterns across,
to call the moths home.
Come live inside of me

Come live inside of me
It’s not that I’m so lonely,
but the worms aren’t the only
things inside me that speak

Come live inside of me.
I’ll call out to the forest
to return me to the chorus.

Pray to Bacchus.
Pray to Father.
Pray to your friends of the old.

How long?

A life’s a mistaken promise.
My guts are lined up with fossils,
And no one can find them,
no one can find them but God.
How long, how long, how long?

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